OSS Backhaul system (OBS) will add value on the network Telecom operations by optimizing both southbound traffic towards OSS and also northbound connections service request from all departments. So OBS will take the hit of all external user requests and shadow the OSS with worst case accessing OSS resources with limited and controlled resource budget. This will leave max OSS resources for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of telecom Network


OSS Backhaul system

Measurement M2/3G tool has been created due to practical realisation of handoffs in a cellular network each cell is assigned a list of potential target cells, which can be used for handing-off calls from this source cell to them. These potential target cells are called neighbours and the list is called neighbour list. Creating such a list for a given cell is not trivial and specialised computer tools are used. Intelma Consulting implemented algorithm as input data from field measurements predictions of radio wave propagation in the areas covered by the cells.

M2 3G tool